Frequently Asked Questions

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We use various proven method including offline and online ways to recruit appropriate candidates. We also have reliable worlwide partners that direct the right candidates looking for teaching jobs to us. Whatever your school’s needs are, we can provide.

There are many factors that effects are pricing structure. Please get in touch with us and our team will contact you with details. Fill out this form or call us contact page.

We have guarantees for replacement. As long as there wasn’t contract violation on the school side, Prudential will replace a teacher within reasonable time. You can also get a full school contract year guarantee for replacement. Please get in touch with our team to get details.

In most cases, schools pay salaries directly to the teachers.

In most cases, the contract is direct between the teachers and schools.

No. We only work with schools financially capable of providing work/residence permits to teachers. We would be more than happy to assist your school with all legal procedures.

Yes. All schools we work with provide foreign teachers with their religious holidays. The days allowed could vary from school to school. This could also be mutually agreed at the time of signing the contract.

Yes, we can help. We do need to know in advance to prepare the schedule.

We work with some of the greatest schools in Turkey. Please get in touch with our team.

Our fees are due in full once the teacher signs the contract with your school. Our office will invoice you for our services.

Yes, we can. We file residence permit and work permits for many teachers. Our services include all legal paperwork including translation and notarization of their documents. We just need an email copy of their passport, degree, and teaching certificate.

You have to keep in mind that teachers come from different part of the world. They have taken enormous financial and emotional risk in trusting your school. There should be a warning system in place to warn them of their mistakes before taking a firing decision. In some severe cases no warning is required and teachers can be let go from the job. Please consult with our office before taking any decision.

It does not matter if you require one teacher or 100 native English teachers for a contract year. We’re equipped to meet any school’s needs.

It depends on the time of the year. Usually during the semester year it can take upto 30 days. You’ve to understand that teachers are recruited while in their homeland. Our procedures include interviewing, getting school’s approval and then doing their paper work.

All teachers that we provide have a bachelor’s degree and a teaching certificate such as Tefl, Tesol, Celta, Delta or are licensed teachers in their homeland.

We can provide all academic positions including university professors and admin staff.

We are located in a prestigious business tower in Istanbul. Click here for contact details.

You’ll have our team’s support throughout the contract year with regular visits to your school.

Most schools in Turkey pay summer months to teachers signing a year contract.

Yes we can provide you with complete checks on an applicant. Please refer to our offered services on the services section of the website.

You can hide your profile from search pages/schools with the "hide my profile" button on your admin panel. Please contact us to completely delete your account.

Have a question? Contact us.