Is a college degree a must?

Is a college degree a must?<

For the most part, yes. It all depends on the school. Very, very few schools do not require you to have a Bachelor’s Degree.

Schools in Turkey almost always require you to have at least two things: a Bachelor’s Degree and a native accent (At the end of the day, private schools are expensive and the parents want their children to be taught by competent natives).

If you have a degree in education, you are a native, and you have experience, you are pretty much the cream of the crop. Most schools have a pay scale depending on your education level, field, and experience.

The more education/experience you have, the higher your paycheck will be.

Schools will always inquire into your CV. If you don’t have a Bachelor’s Degree at least, it is not a good idea to move here and try to work in the education field.

Language schools or language centers will gladly hire you but do not expect to make any money. Most of them pay per hour and you monthly income will depend on hours you’ve worked. 99% of the language schools/centers will not bother to file for your work permits. It is too costly for them and since they rely on temporary help, the investment on their part is not worth it.

You’re also required to have a teaching certificate if your bachelor’s degree is not in the education field. A teaching certificate plus a bachelor’s degree qualifies a foreign worker to obtain a work permit in Turkey.

Are there any exceptions? There always are. However, this is the normal practice.

Posted on | 06/06/2017 | Shan S.Haider