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We understand that school staff, teachers and students all have busy schedules. We have spent a lot of time creating our smart platform in a way so you can spend most of your time with your work, family and on things you love doing. Let the experts at Teacherix save your time and money by placing your request on one of the best Educator placement platforms.

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"This will be my second contract with Prudential First. I worked with them in 2015-2016 school year and they were very helpful not just in securing the contract but also throughout the year. I took a year in China and now returning to Istanbul with a new contract through Prudential First. They are updating me with the progress report of my work permit process and have been very supportive. I recommend them to anyone looking for a job in teaching."

Alex William Kedler

Beijing China - English Teacher


"We contacted Prudential Recruitment on the last minute towards the start of 2018-2019 school year worrying that we’d not find any suitable candidates for our school. The Prudential team started to work from the time we signed the contract with them. They screened candidates, shortlisted matching candidates and arranged interviews on skype/video and final interview took place on our campus. We’re so pleased with the teachers we hired ..."

Müjgan Yeşiloğlu

Vice General Manager - Düşünür Kolejleri

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